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Dismantling Systemic Racism

Dear Independent Trust Community,


The creation of Independent Trust was motivated by a desire to do something!  As many of you know, systemic racism has been our fight for centuries.  We have been fighting this battle in our schools, places of employment, communities, cities, states, and in places that are supposed to serve us- restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, doctor’s offices, the court system, and for some, places of worship. The recent killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, have ignited a global protest that is long overdue.  

At Independent Trust, we know that Black Lives Matter and we work to build a network of independent school graduates of color in order to support their professional development and their work to strengthen outcomes for all people of color.  We see you and we are you.  We realize that change happens when we work together to make it happen.  By combining our efforts and pooling our resources to strengthen our community, we can amplify our voices and strategically use those voices and resources to dismantle systems of racism and oppression.               


Trina A Gary

Founder & Executive Director 


Building Community and Promoting the professional and social networking of independent school alumnae/alumni of color  


To galvanize the collective power of independent school alumni of color to advance the next generation



Welcome to Independent Trust, the network designed to build connections, engage, and support the professional goals of independent school alumni of color.  I am Trina Gary, founder of Independent Trust, consultant,  and former independent school administrator and teacher. I have worked with my husband, Michael Gary, in independent schools since 1989. We see the potential for alumni of color to connect with one another as well as with current students of color to provide opportunities for mentoring, employment, and professional networking.  We invite you to complete the contact form below to connect with the network.

We are conducting research to capture your experience and perspective as a person of color who has attended an independent school.  Your voice is needed to make real change that strengthens the outcome and experience of all students.  We appreciate the time you take to complete this survey located in the menu bar.


Please also share this site with other alumni of color in your network. We can all learn from your individual experience and collective voice!  





To establish and strengthen professional and social relationships while supporting the professional development goals of the alumni 

To mentor students and strengthen alumni/alumnae connections


To support  schools, organizations and corporations whose policies and initiatives embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

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